WFI Group’s mission is to invest in and support solutions at the forefront of innovation for sustainable water treatment. Our fresh thinking, breakthrough technologies and real-world implementation capabilities enhance the value of water, achieve water and cost savings, and improve public health.

Water value

WFI’s heritage is built on a profound concern for global water scarcity by solving the toughest water treatment issues. We strive to deliver wastewater treatment and reuse solutions based on the notion of a circular economy. Our unique vision is to create new value from water, to enhance sustainability and improve public health. WFI’s people are deeply committed to turning this vision into a reality. With our proven global track record, we address water scarcity and create more valuable water for humanity through long term investment in R&D, the development of game-changing, sustainable water treatment technologies, an economic ‘can do’ approach, genuine care and drive.


Our comprehensive water treatment solutions and novel water technologies are delivered in the field through our four business units
Renew water value
Converting polluted water into valuable assets, via Inorganic selective removal of contaminants from drinking & wastewater
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Simplify water reuse
Making biological wastewater treatment simple and valuable for irrigation & industrial use, enabling affordable clean water
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Challenge the flow
Ultra-high recovery retrofit & turnkey RO desalination solutions – robust, cost-effective and risk-free
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Outperform Water
listic technological integration & project management services, delivering clear water value
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Growing with water

WFI offers comprehensive water treatment and reuse solutions via four business units providing a range of proven cutting-edge technologies for drinking, industrial and agricultural water sources and purposes. Transforming contaminated water to high quality drinking water or industrial water using its breakthrough technologies, creative thinking, novel economical approach, strategic partnerships and turnkey project management expertise, enables WFI to mitigate risk, improve return on investment, offer value creation opportunities in terms of water, time and cost savings, as well as new revenue streams.

Most importantly, WFI helps people, communities and industries gain affordable, clean water while enhancing sustainability and improving public health.

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With in-house R&D and long-term investment in novel solutions, we offer a variety of cutting-edge proprietary technologies to meet our customers’ specific demands
MAC – Modified Activated Carbon
Engineered for Selectivity and Affinity
Toxsorb MAC technology enables the removal of a wide variety of inorganic pollutants, while maintaining its original adsorption capability for organic pollutants. This proprietary technology outperforms traditional ion exchange methods in real life conditions, where the target pollutant is competing with other ions in the water. Toxsorb MAC is approved by NSF and the Israeli and American Health Authorities for chromium, arsenic and perchlorate removal from drinking water.
Outperforming Conventional Wastewater Treatment Technologies
TAYA is a hybrid biological wastewater treatment patented technology that uses atmospheric oxygen via an attached growth bacterium and an aerobic-anoxic reactor with passive aeration. This novel technology reconciles the high electric consumption for the oxygen supply of intensive systems with the marginal O&M labor and costs associated with extensive systems. Maximizing efficiency, while minimizing sludge, energy consumption and labor, TAYA outperforms conventional technologies, offering extremely low OPEX - increasing growth.
Maximizing Recovery, Minimizing Eco Footprint
Flow Reversal (FR) is a golden standard technology implemented in both existing and new Reverse Osmosis desalination plants. It challenges the flow direction of the saline stream, switching it periodically, thus the scale does not form on membrane surfaces. The most robust and cost-effective solution on the market, ROTEC's FR de-risks desalination. It’s simple and scalable, achieving up to 98% recovery, 15-20% permeate production increase, 50-70% concentrate reduction, while minimizing chemical consumption.

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